EPlatform – Unified Communications Solution

Mission: A Better Unified Communications Solution

Voneto’s EPlatform solution is designed to deliver the best in unified communications features in a flexible, scalable package. From basic voice communications to integrated real-time SMS and more, EPlatform can help your organization solve its communications challenges.

Innovation: From The Ground Up

EPlatform was built to address scale and resilience problems that were difficult or impossible to solve with other solutions. Based on a real-time database engine, EPlatform scales and replicates–delivering high-availability and survivability.

Features to Solve Problems

Beyond the basic phone system, EPlatform integrates multi-channel at every level and leverages cloud API technologies to deliver innovative features at low cost.

  • Voicemail w/Transcription
  • Contact Center Features
  • Cloud Speech Synthesis
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
  • Real-time Multi-Channel: Chat & SMS
  • Monitoring & Recording
  • Innovative UIs
  • User Portal

Innovative Features

Analytical: Get Insight

Voneto EPlatform’s powerful wallboards and reporting tools offer deep insight into call stats and other important data.

Powerful: Text-to-Speech

Integrated cloud-based text-to-speech available out of the box.

Intuitive: Easy to Manage

Designed by experienced PBX admins to make administrative tasks simple.

Connect: Built-in Text Messaging

Communicate with your customers the way they want–voice or text.

Solutions for Small and Large Organizations

EPlatform can solve unified communications challenges for small and medium businesses as well as large organizations. The solution can be deployed in one or an N+1 server model to achieve scale. On-premises solutions include “bare metal”, virtualized machine images, or private cloud plug-in machines.

Turn-Key Cloud Solution

Whether deploying one or many sites, launching Voneto EPlatform is a smooth turn-key operation. Provide system parameters: size, language, time zone, and some other basic information and our automated launch system will have your server operational within a few minutes.

24 Hour Service and Support

Voneto’s hosted platform solutions are monitored for high-availbility 24/7 and designed to be highly-resilient. All hosted solutions include full access to Voneto’s 24-hour help desk and operations center so you’ll never have to worry about where to get help when you need it.

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