IP Business Phones

Open Platforms, Unlimited Possibilities

With an open-standards communication solution, you’re not locked into a single type of phone and are free to mix and match whatever equipment is best for your application. Voneto offers both Digium and Polycom telephones with its solutions.

Why Digium Phones?

Digium phones are open-standards handsets designed to leverage the power of Asterisk and Switchvox in ways that no other manufacturer has. Provisioning has never been easier with innovative plug-and-play deployment technology available in every model.

Loud and Clear

All the Digium phones offer crystal clear HD Voice, full-duplex speakerphones, and headset compatibility so that every user will be more than satisfied with their voice experience.

Advanced Applications

Access to information is key to productivity, and the integrated applications that come standard on all Digium phones put critical information at your fingertips. With visual voicemail, corporate directory, user status, as well as visual parking and queue stats, the Digium phones provide a wealth of information.

Digium phones include an applications engine that uses a free and open API. The JavaScript API allows developers to easily create custom business phone apps that extend the power of Asterisk and Switchvox. These applications go far beyond simple XML pages and integrate custom business processes directly on the phone display.

The App Engine interfaces with the phone’s core features and allows any web developer to simply build an array of apps for any purpose, including emergency notifications, weather alerts, call center applications, CRM integrations, business process automations, social media integrations and more.

Phone Model Line Keys HD Voice Phone Applications Built-In Bluetooth Speed Display Specs
Digium D60 2   10/100 4.3in
Digium D62 2   10/100/1000 4.3in
Digium D65 6 10/100/1000 4.3in
Digium D80 n/a 10/100/1000 7.0in Touch

Powerful: Digium D65

Digium’s executive-level feature phone with 6 line keys and a scrolling key for up to 20 pages of rapid dial/busy lamp fields for your most important contacts.

Next level: Digium D80

Digium’s executive-level gigabit phone with high definition capacitive touch-screen and advanced user interface.

Entry-Level: Digium D60/62

Digium’s entry-level phone with 2 line keys. This is Digium’s best value phone designed for any employee in the company. D62 model includes gigabit port.

Why Polycom?

Polycom conference phones are the industry standard for clear, productive conference calls, and are a fixture in meeting rooms worldwide. In a world where conference calls with partners, vendors, remote workers and global teams are on the rise, crystal-clear conversations are a requirement for productive meetings. Polycom conference phones deliver the superb voice quality, expansive microphone pickup, and advanced audio processing that makes conference calls seem as natural as being in the same room.

Phone Model Line Keys HD Voice Expansion Mic. Support Mic. Pickup Range Speed LCD Specs
SoundStation IP 5000 2   7ft 10/100 248×68
SoundStation IP 6000 2 12ft 10/100 248×68
SoundStation IP 7000 2 20ft 10/100 255×128

Polycom SoundStation IP6000

Enjoy clearer, more productive business conversations using this IP conference phone with a 12-foot microphone pickup range specifically designed for small to midsize rooms.

Polycom SoundStation IP7000

Astounding voice quality and clarity from the world’s most advanced VoIP conference phone. With a 20-foot microphone pickup range or the ability to chain with another phone, the IP7000 is perfect for boardrooms and meeting spaces.

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