Channel Programs

VONETO provides voice application and communication solutions to organizations within the SMB, Enterprise and Government sectors.  If your organization is interested in solving these problems for your customers, we believe we are uniquely capable of helping you leverage the opportunity.



We are 100% focused on communication services.  We do not believe in competing with our partners.


We are multi-platform.   We will help you never walk away from an opportunity again.


Deliver the best solution.  We will help you address your customer needs regardless of the delivery method – cloud, on-prem or both.


Consume what you need, when you need it.  We provide turn-key or Ad-hoc services where we work to complement you and your team.  


VONETO provides partnership options that enhance while complementing your business. Whether you are a VAR, MSP, Consultant or Systems Integrator, VONETO provides a partnership structure that works the way you need it to work.   

  • AGENT PROGRAM – Designed for partners who wish to address the voice and communications requirement of their customers, however require VONETO to deliver a turn-key solution and pay ongoing residuals. Essentially provide the lead or referral to VONETO and we’ll do the rest.
  • RESELLER PROGRAM – Designed for partners who wish to add voice and related communication services to their service portfolio. In doing so, partners would consume services as needed and deliver them as their own to their customers while performing the procurement, delivery, installation, training and ongoing support.

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