Asterisk Voice System Solutions

What is Asterisk?

In short, Asterisk is arguably the most innovative phone system platform available in the world today. Offering nearly every conceivable feature based on open standards, Asterisk could be the last phone system your organization ever buys.

Beyond a phone system, Asterisk can also solve complex telephony problems. Enterprises and large telephony companies around the world use Asterisk every day to deliver voicemail, bridge between legacy systems, offer phone-based interactive services — and hundreds of other amazing things.

Why Asterisk?

During the last decade, open-source software has significantly changed the enterprise computing
marketplace–reducing costs, driving innovation, and ultimately displacing entrenched solutions in unexpected places. Almost no technology area was untouched, with the glaring exception of telephony — long a bastion of high prices, artificial boundaries, and stubborn “my way” players. Enter Asterisk: The Open-Source PBX.

Turn-Key PBX — Hosted or On-Site

Choose the model that fits your growth needs, budget, and time-frame–Voneto will deliver.

Hosted solutions range from small and medium-sized business (SMB) systems to full multi-channel contact center suites.

24-Hour Support

Voice systems are mission-critical, so Voneto is always available. With 24×7 operations support accessible by phone or e-mail, you’ll never have to worry where to get help when you need it.

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