About Voneto

About Voneto

For more than 60 years, Voneto’s core team has been making contact happen by delivering and optimizing advanced voice solutions. Headquartered in the greater Philadelphia area, Voneto serves customers nationwide in a wide variety of industries and sizes.

Advanced Communications Solutions

Voneto offers cloud platform as well as on-premises voice solutions range from turn-key small and medium business phone systems to complex multi-channel contact center solutions.

When solving its customers’ voice problems, Voneto employs best-of-breed hardware and software–not simply reselling whatever equipment a particular vendor endorses.

Open-Source Philosophy

During the last two decades, open-source software has fundamentally changed the world of computing and created the Internet world we know today. Companies like Google and Facebook would not exist in their present forms but for the flexibility that open-source platforms provide.

Until the advent of Asterisk, the open-source PBX, this communications market was largely unaffected by this trend. Business communications–small and medium-sized phone systems, in particular–consisted exclusively of stubborn “my way” vendors who rigorously enforced artificial boundaries and extracted every pricing advantage.

Open-source communications solutions– Asterisk in particular–have achieved staggering market share in very short time frames. They have done this not by the power of their marketing departments or legions of sales representatives, but by delivering real and obvious value to an under-served market.

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